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Excavator Hydraulic Quick Coupler

• A revolutionary new coupler for excavators and their attachments.

• Permits the operator to change attachments in 45 seconds or less, without leaving the cab of the machine.

• can be used with virtually all attachments for excavators, including but not limited to:

• buckets

• hammer

• compactor

• vibrator

• root rake

• healing track

• tree shear

• ripper

• grinders, etc.

• can be on un-level surface while quickly changing from one attachment to another.

• Interchangeable with all machines in class (Cat, Komatsu, John Deere, etc.)

• Interchangeable attachments in different weight classes.

• Interchangeability of attachments from a 215 to 225, PC300, PC400, JD590, JD690, and vice versa.

• Old attachments will work with the coupler on the new machine. Can be paid for in one year.

• Change attachments only once a day.

• Pay for itself in less that six months.

• Increasing the productivity of your machine.

• Made from a very high-strength, abrasion resistant material.

• Seats are bored to maintain a precision fit with the coupler bosses.

• Seats are milled to a precision tolerance.

• Coupler is made from the same type of steel as the hooks.

• Bosses are induction hardened.

• Wedge and mating surface are milled to precision tolerance.

• Pins are made from 4140 heat-treated steel.

What is it costing you to not have an ULTI-MATE on your excavators?


• Cost for attachments changes

• Lost production

• Versatility headaches

• Possible excess inventory due to the dedication of certain model attachments to certain model machines

• Operator's inconveniences

• Excess back fill material when not changing to a narrower bucket for that 20 foot ditch

From one of our customers:

Ed Mudge

NW Cascade

16207 Meridian East

Puyallup, WA 98373

I highly recommend the "Ulti-Mate"! We purchased the "Ulti-Mate" along with an eight-foot, five-foot and three-foot bucket for our 245B Cat excavator. We are able to swap buckets in 15 to 20 seconds. Halfway through our two million dollar job, we were three weeks ahead of schedule because of the "Ulti-Mate". We were digging in extremely hard ground (glacial till) on our first job with the "Ulti-Mate" and had absolutely no problems. The "Ulti-Mate" paid for itself in the first 1500 feet of work.