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In a span of 10 years, Jones Heavy Equipment Products of Northeast Portland has grown from a staff of 1 to 40 employees and earned an outstanding reputation for the quality of its products. According to Gordon Jones, owner of the firm, the company manufactures aftermarket parts and attachments for heavy equipment dealers in most states, with some dealers exporting their products to overseas markets, including coal buckets shipped to China and other parts sent to Singapore.

“Over 50% of our work involves custom products,” remarked Mr. Jones – “parts having special widths, sizes or configurations, being super-light or extra-heavy depending on the application.”

Mr. Jones emphasized service and flexibility as the keys to success for his company. “We can appreciate when a customer has a $100,000+ investment in a machine, and he requires special parts or attachments delivered on time – to get his machine working or keep a job on schedule.

“We design and manufacture parts to meet customer needs. Our firm can manufacture a bucket designed to dig a certain shape of ditch, or provide special capacity buckets or meet other customer specifications.

“Customers either bring us their specifications or describe a part or attachment they would like to use to improve their productivity or meet job specifications. We can

either duplicate the part or attachment or manufacture something requiring special design or modifications to assist in the completion of unusual job specifications.” He added that Jones Heavy Equipment produces many parts that other manufacturers won’t build.

The firm now operates out of its newest location – on a 2 1/2 acre site along Northeast 148th Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

The facility includes a 32,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant with 5-ton and 10-ton overhead cranes.

Mr. Jones indicated that the company is building larger buckets each year. “In 1980 our average bucket weight was 2,000 lbs. today it's 9,000 lbs." The firm’s largest bucket manufactured to date weighed 30,000 lbs.